Make Sure Your Website Is Ready By April 21st

Apr 07

Is Google removing your website on April 21st? On April 21st Google will be removing websites that are not mobile enabled in mobile search results. On Tuesday April 14th we will be holding a free 45 minute webinar teaching you everything you need to know and do to make sure your website passes Google’s mobile standards for websites. [optin_box...

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How Big Is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?

Apr 02

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji from the Webmaster Trends team was quoted at SMX Munich this month as saying the upcoming mobile-friendly ranking algorithm launching on April 21st will have more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did. So what does this mean for you? On March 24th, Google answered a...

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