Assessing Business Start-Up Costs

Dec 18

It’s important – when starting a new business endeavor – that you go into it with a realistic perspective on the amount of capital that will be needed for your business’ start-up costs.

So – in order to help you with this task, we have created a Business Start-Up Cash Requirements Worksheet. From this, you will be able to create a list showcasing the estimated price for items you intend to purchase and/or the money that will be required of you within the first month of operating your business. It’s important to note that this worksheet is not intended to be an ongoing operating budget; rather, it is simply an overview of the capital necessary for costs related to your business’ initial start-up.

A Business Start-Up Cash Worksheet example has been provided for you to view, and – from this – you can begin to create your own; this example can be found below.

Business Start-Up Cash Worksheet
Business Start-Up Item & Cash Requirements
– Ex.1: Rent Deposit: $1,500.00
– Ex. 2: Office Supplies: $300.00
– Ex. 3: Utility Deposits / Connections: $250.00
– Ex. 4: Advertising: $750.00
Start-Up Total: $2,800.00

When creating your own Business Start-Up Cash Worksheet, feel free to make a simple table on a sheet of paper or insert one into a word document of your own choosing (i.e. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.). Within your table, you will need to have two columns – one to showcase a “Business Start-Up Item” section and another to show a “Cash Requirements” section. With respect to your table’s rows, feel free to insert as many rows as are needed to document all of your data and information. Once your worksheet table has been completed, add your Cash Requirements together to calculate your Start-Up Total, also known as your start-up costs.

Calculating your business’ initial start-up costs is crucial when first stepping foot into the world of small-business ownership – especially as it can provide you with a better understanding on how much it will be to start. For this reason, this Business Start-Up Worksheet can assist you in grasping an initial assessment on what your costs may look like when first starting your own small business.

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