Maximizing Cash Flow

Jan 29

As a new, small business owner, it’s so important for you to understand the importance of cash flow and to learn which strategies will help you improve it within your business. To assist you in this process, we have created a short – but simple – checklist to help you maximize your business’ cash flow. So – as you go through the list, make...

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Setting Sales Goals

Jan 25

It’s so important – as you embark on your journey into small business ownership – that you determine your business’ break-even point, along with the number of sales necessary to become a profitable enterprise. This is because, in addition to the tax benefits and personal satisfaction afforded by owning your own business, you are – ultimately...

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Where do you rank in Google?

Jan 21

Where do you rank in Google? No one said growing your business would be easy, but you’re up for the challenge. You just need a plan. You’ve got the right team, the right product or service. Now, it’s just a matter of getting your brand/service/product out there in front of more people. Not just any people. The right people. That’s where SEO advertising comes...

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Defining Your Market

Jan 17

Now – as you begin your new business, it’s crucial that you determine both who your target audience is, along with your market niche. To help you make these determinations, we have created a quick reflection guide with questions on your ideal customer base, along with your potential competitors. Customer/Competition Snapshot Reflection Guide – What is...

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Information – Key to Small Business Success

Jan 13

Remember – the more you know about your particular type of business, the greater the chances your business will succeed. You need to become an information gatherer and to absorb as much as possible from the knowledge of others. Consider taking a trip to your local Chamber of Commerce office along with a public library and become familiar with the resources,...

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Setting Up Your Office

Jan 09

When first starting your business, it’s important to establish an attractive, functional office that is conducive to productive work, appealing to clients/customers, and efficient to operate. To help you in the process of setting up this space, we have created the Office Start-Up Checklist from which you can review and determine which items should be included in...

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